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A distinguished company in the provision of admissions has helped more than 500 people around the world to obtain the admissions of study study in the universities of Romania, as well as the equivalence of certificates for all stages and specialties. We have more than 6 years experience and previous experiences. For the student, your future will be secure with us if you trust our steps.

We are the best choice in the field. The Office of Bucharest Acceptances have a long patron in the field of admissions in all specialties. We are a student services office and an authorized agent in the field of bringing students to the most prestigious universities in Romania. The best way possible. Our relationships extend to a wide network with private and government universities. We strive to make the student’s life easier by providing them with important and complete information about the best study options available in terms of university and study, putting them on the right track, providing adequate housing and continuing support. Our best credibility is the foundation of success Our goal is to be the best Why do you choose us We are quick to accept the credibility and satisfaction of the customer We offer a variety of services and special offers and the lowest costs to meet the aspirations of the customer

In the past six years, we have been trusted by many people from all over the world. We have an office in Bucharest, capital of Romania, a major office in Baghdad, and a branch in Erbil. This ensures that you can deal directly with us without any intermediaries and guarantee you the lowest prices and best services. Of handling services, for all students from the Arab World and Europe. Our qualified staff serve more than 100 students per year for all stages and from the various Romanian provinces and specialties (bachelor’s degree, doctorate)
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Countries that allow students to enter without a visa are Bulgaria (Croatia, Serbia)

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