Welcome to Romania

Welcome to Romania, possible student! Allow me to present you in a quick summary what can you expect from this country and its people, during your stay, for the chosen study field.

Romania offers a wide diversity of universities to choose from, each with their own thematic, accommodations and fields of study. From medicine to philosophy, languages, math, engineering and IT, they offer all the necessary accredited means, for you to pursue your study dreams.

The majority of them are located in the main cities of the country, ranging from the proud capital of Bucharest, to the sea-side port of Constanţa. Medieval cities like Sibiu or Timişoara are also on the list, as all your choices are spread across the map. The prices you would encounter are fairly low as compared to the Western choices, being it related to the overall study tax or housing.

Each of the universities that are presented on this website has its own housing programs and accommodations, alongside the necessary environment needed for a student. As they are situated in the cities mentioned above and more, you can easily discover the country and its people in your spare time. And you will need to for different reasons. We all need to take a break from time to time, and what other means to relax yourself than to visit this glorious hosting nation. We are a proud people, centuries of turbulent history made us what we are today. You will always fight straight-talking people which will tell you their opinion on the go without any sort of cherry-picking.

Romania had a violent history, almost always bordering at least two empires at a time. Even so, we prevailed and all these situations only strengthened our faith, religion, honor and ambition. The people here are traditional and conservative, but also one of the bests hosts you could wish, for the Eastern European welcoming tradition is well known. As long as respect is offered, Romania is the place to be. Go visit the medieval cities and castles of the famous Transylvanian land, or choose a tour on the plains of Vlad the Impaler. Check out Stefan the Great’s Moldavian lands for the best wine or take a boat tour on the great Danube.

The country offers a vast array of environments so no matter what you prefer, you will be able to find it here – from mountain hiking to seaside, the pure Danube Delta or the haunted forest of Baciu. As long as there is a will, Romania has a place for you to visit. We cannot forget the big cities, which offer all the modern array of entertainment and work opportunities, if you so desire, for a little period. Nightclubs, museums, thematic and traditional restaurants, theatres, operas, theme parks, cinemas, parks, racing tracks – when I said diverse in the beginning, I really meant it.
The values of our nation are the basis for teaching at every one of the universities you will see here. The teachers always form a strong bond with their students, which allows both parties to enjoy the years of practice without the need of an escape from time to time. There are opportunities at every corner, and as long as your priority is learning, many doors will keep opening for your future.

Did I mention our cuisine? You need to keep yourself fed after all. A delicious combination of native dacian-roman cuisine, with a bland of Mediterranean and Baltic touch, makes the food in Romania one of a kind. But watch out! This delicious gift may leave you wanting more and more, so make sure you are strong willed before taking on it!

Faith, family, tradition, conservative and honor. These are some of the primary principles that our forefathers build this nation that lasted centuries upon centuries of Empire assaults. You will feel these with every step you take, in every person you talk to or building you are looking towards. With a communist regime ended just 26 years ago, Romania is steadily going on a boom not only on an economic level, but on a democratic one, a cultural one and a preservation one also. Why should you choose this country for your studies? Because the combination of a natural jewel, a welcoming nation, many opportunities of specialization and mid-to-low cost of living, is not one that you will easily find.

We await your arrival here for your study periods, and we are sure that when you graduate, you will return home like a new person, with the ability to make your dreams come true. Welcome to this treasure of Europe, welcome to Romania!