All of the listed universities offer a form of PhD. It is recommended that the PhD in question is chosen based on the Masters degree of the student. Furthermore it is recommended that one is chosen from the Bachelor years, as to avoid any unnecessary complications and to provide a smooth transitions between the years and specializations. Some PhD’s will require passing an exam, while others may have a different acceptance method. These situations are and will be discussed with a coordinator professor of your choosing. In the events of being accepted in one of the programs, the studying years’ period alongside the subject’s studies, will vary according to the chosen discipline. Furthermore, a price increase is expected in the majority of situations. As usually, the student will benefit from an assurance regarding the availability of study material as well as accommodation. For further details about each specialization, please check the PhD. section for each of your chosen university. Furthermore, a student is not bound in following a PhD degree at the same university that granted him a Bachelor or a Master’s degree, although it is recommended because of the fluidity regarding the environment, the teaching staff or the familiarity with other students. Also, there is no limit on how many PhD degrees you can partake in, at the same time or overall.